Friday, June 1, 2012

2011 - 2012 catch up time

 Here is what we have been doing in 2011 and 2012

Steven, Jake, Emily, Kami, Jose, Charlene, Tom, Leslie, Darryl, Jeannie, Madison, Sarah, Craig & Raylee

We are so blessed!  My family brings me such great joy! We have been busy but we have been blessed. 


Leslie and Tom were married August 6, 2011.  We love Tom and love him in our family.  He is so good to Leslie and they make a great team. 

Leslie and Tom were married August 6, 2011.  We love Tom and love him in our family.  He is so good to Leslie and they make a great team.  They have bought a home in Gilbert and they have an adorable dog Behr.  Leslie had graduated from Cosmetology School in April and passed her test in May and is starting to look for a job.  Tom is attending MCC and working for his dad.
Leslie and Tom








We started to remodel in December.  We have gutted the kitchen and knocked out two walls and added one.   (The wall with the window is now gone and the old entry way is now a pantry, we also knocked out the wall where the old office was).  We still need to put flooring in and finish the under counter molding so you don't see the lights under the cabinets. We are enjoying the bigger kitchen area.  It is so nice when the kids come over and we have room for everyone. I must admit I don't miss the old floor.

Before remodel
Before remodel

Starting Remodel

Starting remodel
after remodel stove area
after remodel - looking from Family room area
after remodel -looking from carport door

after remodel - from hallway


We ended up buying a condo in the middle of our remodel.  So we stopped to get it ready for renters that came moved in, in May.  It was a lot of work but we enjoyed most of it.  We have great renters!  I call this our Mission home, it will be great income when we are on a mission one day.

Condo front room
Condo - new carpet in back room

Condo -wood floor we put in the dinning room


 Madison is doing great.  She has grown up so much and is enjoying Westwood High. 

Darryl is the love of my life!  He is such a good man and a great father. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.  He is the best decision I ever made almost 28 years ago. Darryl turned 50 and I do this year, we hope we are like a fine wine, we get better with time. lol 
Me and Darryl

 Kami and Steven are doing well.  Steven loves his job as a seminary teacher.  Kami has one more semester of school and will graduate, not bad for being a stay at home mom of 2 and still getting her education.  They bought a condo and are in the process of selling there home in Pima and then will look at buying a house and use the condo as a rental.   Emily and Jake are so much fun.
Steven, Emily, Kami and Jake

Craig and Sarah are doing great.  Craig is busy with work and school also.  He has gotten his AA and is now on his bachelors. He is a good dad.  Sarah works on refurbishing furniture and does really well.  She is busy taking care of a sweet little girl who likes to keep her mom busy.  They are expecting another baby October 27th (one day before my birthday).  We will know what they are having June 11th. 

Raylee, Sarah and Craig
Leslie and Tom
Jose and Charlene

Emily, Jake and Raylee...the cutest grand kids

Leslie and Tom have bought a home in Gilbert and they have an adorable dog Behr.  Leslie has graduated from Cosmetology School in April and passed her test in May and is starting to look for a job.  Tom is attending MCC and is working for his dad.
Emily 1 year

Raylee 1 year

Jake 2 1/2 years

We have adopted Jose and Charlene into our family.  They are such a blessing to our family. Charlene is a writer for a few internet companies and she also teaches on classes at Rio Salado College.  Jose is going to school and works for a pest control company. 

The most amazing grand kids!  I have so much fun with them.


John and Juli said...

jeannie! I am so glad you updated your blog. Your family is just getting bigger and bigger...I love it! Tell everyone hello from us. Way to go on the kitchen, looks great!

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